Baby in a Basket


I find the strangest pictures on the camera these days.

Here we see a blurred image of a baby in a basket.

Sometimes, being the youngest means your life is super-fun.  There’s always someone to carry you around, dance with you, tickle you, or share their snack.

Cotton enjoys a very good life.

Speaking of babies in baskets, the younger children have been enraptured with some of the music from movie The Prince of Egypt lately.  Listening to Auden sing “Hush Now, My Baby” just about melts me every time, as he’ll just randomly break into passionate song in the middle of eating dinner.

That’s just how we roll – you know, erupting into song in the middle of… whatever.

Winter On Wings


And then he was 14.

And music spilled out of him like a second language and he couldn’t help but think and breath in song.  Now every occasion calls for new music.  I love it so much!

Here are Duke’s latest songs: Jingle Bells and Huron Carol.

The arrangement, vocals and instruments are all by him.  Go here to download these pop versions for free!

Chicken – actually

Duke and Dorian have been labouring for months raising a batch of lovely plump meat birds.

They are now available: free-range, pasture fed/natural feed, no-antibiotics or hormones and freshly frozen.

The birds are between 7-10 lbs @ $4/lb.

Pick up is tomorrow: Saturday afternoon at our place.  Let me know if you’ll be coming out and how many you’d like!

Thanks for supporting your local farmers :)

The Artist

tuckSo here he sits, in the Craft Room, day after day.  For hours a day he will paint, glue, draw, trace and create.

This one was born an artist.

He thinks about colour and contour and style, he talks about the pros and cons of various techniques, and he wants to start his own “Free Printable Coloring Page” site on the computer, where he can share his art with friends.

tuck2Recently, he came to me with tears in his eyes, “Mommy, the sad thing is that my wife won’t let me help her design her wedding dress.”

“Why not?”

“Because the husband isn’t supposed to see the dress before the wedding.”

At this point I hugged him and said, “Sweetie, God is going to prepare a wife for you who is going to love your artistic input on everything!  She’ll probably want you to help her design her dress, because she knows it’s important to you.  She’s going to love you for who you are.  She wants to marry an artist who makes beautiful things!”

At this point the clouds rolled away and the sun dawned in his little heart and he positively started glowing at the thought that his future wife would one day love him for who he is

An artist.

Like Daughter, Like Mother


I was talking with an acquaintance in the front hall – about solar panels, of all things – when Poppy trundled in for a hug.  I swooped her up and the other woman remarked on her “creative” outfit.  Sort of embarrassed (at the ridiculous outfit) and sort of proud (of her artistic flair) I quickly mumbled that Poppy chose her own outfit today.

It wasn’t until after the visitor had left that I noticed my own clothes: baggy purple jogging pants, Ben’s grey t-shirt, a classy poncho sweater, a red sparkly head-band and florescent blue and pink socks with a rose print (?!) on them.

Poppy may have dressed herself, but what’s my excuse?

Oh, I need help on so many levels!

I know how to dress nicely.  I am aware of what looks good on a person, but why does my morning brain absolutely refuse to put on the nice stuff?

I’m still dressing the way I did in grade ten.  

I guess in that sense, I’m sort of timeless.

I think I’ll just go with that.