Holy Work

My earlier mother days.

{My earlier mothering days.}

She dotes and coos, a regular mother hen. Two-year-old Poppy croons little sounds that don’t make sense to her infant sister, they lock eyes and smile. Mother-in-the-bud, already.

The familiar context where I have heard the word brooding has been in relation to a mother hen. Yet here I find, in the very first chapter of Genesis, the essence of the same term in relation to the Holy Spirit, brooding over and anticipating the birthing of the earth.

“The earth was without form and… darkness was upon the face of the very great deep. The Spirit of God was moving (hovering/brooding) over the face of the waters…” Genesis 1:2 (AMP)

I am impacted by the very maternal image this evokes; the gentle Holy Spirit anticipating manifesting the Word of God through creative action. Today, I felt this rush of connection, as I realized that I too am about my Father’s business: the art of establishing life, of brooding over the deep places, this is the labour of the mother’s heart.

The Holy Spirit works in the unseen space, in the quiet and hidden realm, where life begins and roots into the deep places. A mother, too, works in the quiet of another dimension… the deep waters of the heart.

This is a most holy work; every breath, every word, and every touch is an opportunity to establish a love that remains forever, a love that will not die though all else passes away.  I felt, today, a shudder of awareness that cultivating life is art of the greatest magnificence, and an act of hope of the greatest magnitude.  In fact, in some small way, we are actively contributing to the divine work of God on this earth.

As I gaze upon my girls, I pulse with a love most {painfully} tender and yet fiercely robust. I touch a silky curl, I breathe in the scent of baby soft skin, and wonder at the beauty that floods my life… this, right here, is worth everything.

God knew first, that life would be worth the cost. Every time.

Saturday Afternoon


We pulled it off!  All one hundred of us!


It was creative and a wee bit chaotic.

I got so many new ideas.t13

We learned a lot about how bartering works (and sometimes how it doesn’t!).t12

I was so very inspired by the fantastic collection of ideas represented.t11

Every sense was engaged…  there were things to see, touch, taste, smell and listen to.  t10

There was an abiding sense of goodwill and generosity as we embraced this experimental notion.t8

Art was everywhere.t7

Delights abounded.t6

People met and talked and laughed and learned.t5

I was awed by the creative people that surrounded me!  What a mighty force of beautiful potential.t4

At the end, I pondered the fun, but more so the fact that people are so very much more important than things.  I think we had a good people day, too.t3I loved to see the creativity of the children.t2

What a blessing to be surrounded by so many smiles!  t15Thank you to all who were able to participate – it was such a lovely day.

Pushing Dirt Around

IMG_4125Life is full and at times overwhelming; the details and the busy business of being alive can be consuming.

But, it’s all just pushing dirt around if I miss the main point of living.

If I miss the bigger purpose of my life, it doesn’t matter where I shove the dirt, or how I organize the dirt, or how high I pile it up; if I miss my higher call, all I have at the end is a heap of heavy dust.

Not worth anything.

And so, today, at the beginning of another {likely} busy week, I encourage you to pause with me, to rest, to reflect and meditate on who you were made to be.  Then, work from there as you determine how to spend these brief and sacred moments of your precious life.

You are a blessing.  It’s time to let go of the dirt and embrace reality; what is essential is unseen.

Words that Grow

In all our enthusiasm about the Trading Post, we may have planted some of our seeds too early. These plants are growing rapidly!

Tobin has been so proud of his very fast growing bean plant. He has literally carried it around the house with him for the last few days, sharing the joy of it’s growth with anyone who would care to listen and observe.

But then, the unthinkable happened. When he was watering it, the top half of the shoot broke off. The leaves were now completely severed from the stem, leaving a little twig of a green stem exposed and broken. I told him I wasn’t sure if it could still grow without those two little solar panels doing their job, but he decided to hope.


Later, I found the words “Grow” and “Love” written on the side of his little plant.


We’ve been learning a lot about the power of words these days, and so he put his new understanding into practice.

Two days later he came back to me and said, “Mom, look at this! It’s growing again! My words worked!!


A new, persistent little shoot is now coming up from the root.

There is a little boy that decided to speak life words to that bean plant and it ‘heard’ him.

Aren’t we all like that little bean?


{We just need others to believe in us; to speak life over us. Even if we look a little bit crazy!}

Kitchen Talk

IMG_4048A wonderful weekend, full of dreaming, ideas, and birthday cake filled us right up.


Dorian made some fantastic fermented banana buckwheat pancakes with coconut milk whipped cream.

I’m pretty sure that most of us were in the kitchen for most of the weekend; that room is like a magnet.  The effect is kind of crazy and glorious at the same time.


We are stepping into some dream territory as we plan for the future and so all I wanted to do was talk, talk, talk with him.  All the little children wanted to do was participate in the conversation, in their unique sort of screaming way.


So, yesterday, Ben decided to make pasta to occupy the little ones as we tried to talk and I washed the dishes.

I think more pasta got made than conversation, but that’s alright too.

{The older ones were out in the woods, building shelters and cooking food over the campfire, carving wooden spoons and chopping wood. }

It was a good day.